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Interface BleScanTarget

All parameters are OR. If you set uuid and localName, obniz find uuid match but localName not match device.

If you set BleScanSetting.filterOnDevice 'true', filters are apply on obniz device. So it reduce traffic.


  • BleScanTarget



Optional binary

binary: BleBinary[] | BleBinary

Advanced search.

You need to enable filterOnDevice:true to use this filter.

Search partially matches advertisement / scan response regarding provided byte array. If advertisement / scan reponse has a matched byte array in the data, then passed.

Optional deviceAddress

device address

Optional localName

localName: string[] | string

scan target device localName. This need perfect matching.

Optional localNamePrefix

localNamePrefix: string | string[]

scan target device localName. This need prefix matching.

Optional uuids

uuids: UUID[]

Service UUID for scan. Provide.

up to 20 UUIDs (recommended)

Attention: iBeacon uuid is not service uuid. If you want to filter iBeacon. use binary filter

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